Terms of Service

Updated 01/12/2021

This page includes all the terms and conditions that a user must adhere to before proceeding with an account and signing up to use our mobile app platform.

Our mobile app and websites are controlled and run by BUY MY SNEAKER in South Africa – Registration number: 2018/365903/07.

It is our priority to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for our users.


BUY MY SNEAKER is a sneaker and streetwear marketplace that operates through a mobile app, as well as an online store for certain items.

BUY MY SNEAKER may modify, add or remove any of the information mentioned in the terms and conditions.

If we detect any misuse, fraud, or anything that we identify as not acceptable, the users involved will be banned from the platform.

A user will only use their legal names and correct information when signing up and creating an account. If our system detects any spam accounts, those accounts will be banned.

By using our mobile app, you agree that you will only create an account using your legal name and active email account. Any fake/spam/fraud accounts will be suspended and if the user behind it is detected, they will be banned from our platforms entirely.

By using our mobile app, you agree that you will only submit an order if you genuinely have an intention of completing the purchase. If orders are placed "by mistake" or a user is just messing around, they will be permanently banned from the platform.

Creating an account is allowed for all ages, however, for users under the age of 18, they would need an adult to confirm any purchases on their behalf.


All sales are final. Due to the nature of our business, it is not possible for us to allow returns/refunds/exchanges as we deal with items which are dependent on the assurance of the condition and authenticity. Apart from that, we deal with items on consignment which makes this impossible.

Before placing an order, the buyer must be sure about the product that they are ordering, as well as the size. We will not be held responsible if a buyer chooses the wrong product or the wrong size.

If a buyer is placing an order and chooses to pay using a manual payment method, they will be allowed up to 3 hours to complete that payment and send their proof of payment through to us as per the instructions stated on the order page. If not, the order will be cancelled. If this scenario plays out more than once, the user will be banned from the platform.

Only payment in full can reserve and confirm an order.

Orders will only be shipped once payment fully reflects.

If an order is placed after 11am, it will only be shipped on the next working day.

Until a sellers product is received at our facility and in our possession, it will not be our responsibility.


By applying to become a seller on our platform, the user agrees to all our terms and conditions.

We charge a flat consignment rate of 10% for sold items.

A seller will submit their legal names and correct details when applying to be a seller.

A seller agrees to strictly only submit products when they are 100% authentic. If a seller submits an item that we detect as anything other than 100% authentic through digital authentication or physical authentication later on, that seller will be permanently banned from the platform, and they will be added to a public blacklist.

A seller agrees that they will always keep their listings updated in the app. It is the seller's responsibility to ensure that they uphold the standard of our marketplace by always making sure that every listing is correct at all times. If for some reason, a seller cannot update their listings, they can drop our team an email or chat to an agent via WhatsApp to update this for them. However, if a buyer places an order for a seller's item, and that item is not available or not in the listed condition, the seller's account will be suspended.

We are taking sellers duties very seriously. This means that if a seller is not able to ensure that all their listings are always updated, they should not make use of the service. Any form of unreliability will result in a suspension.

By applying to become a seller, the seller agrees that they will act professionally and respectfully at all times.

It is the seller's responsibility to ensure that they are prompt with their responses and communication with our team regarding their products. Our promise to users is consistency and professionalism and this cannot be achieved if a seller is unresponsive when it comes to communication. If a seller does not respond to communication or does not get back to us within one business day regarding their listed products, their account will be suspended.

Once a sale is made for a seller's product, an agent will get in touch with the seller and inform them to send the product off to us. Sellers are required to send their products through to our facility within 48 hours of the sale.

Sellers can send their products through to us via courier or Postnet at their expense.

Sellers are paid immeditely after passing the auhtenticity and verification process.

It is the responsibility of the seller to ensure that their products are authentic before listing on our platform.


If any inauthentic items are detected, the seller will be banned from the platform and we will add their names to a blacklist.

We have had a few instances whereby buyers would purchase an item and when it is delivered to them, they try and scam us by reporting that the product is fake and when we request for the product to be sent back to us, it is a completely different product. Thankfully, we have a system in place to combat this. All products that are being prepared to be shipped off are thoroughly documented. This means that we have detailed images and a video of the product. So if this does happen, we are able to prove that this was not the case. Please, try your scams somewhere else.

We make use of the following digital authenticity tools for legit checking items before received at our facility: CheckCheck & Legit App

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